PiCamStudio – A web application for controlling a Raspberry Pi camera.

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Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, a DIY enthusiast, or simply curious about the possibilities of Raspberry Pi, PiCamStudio is an open source web app that makes it super easy to take and manage pictures.

But first a little history, the Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Created with the intent to promote computer science education in an accessible and affordable manner, the Raspberry Pi has evolved into a versatile platform that spans across various fields, from education and home automation to robotics and multimedia applications. Driven by its compact yet capable nature, this diminutive computer has found its way into classrooms, hobbyist workshops, and even professional projects, catalyzing a new wave of technological innovation.

If you’re into photography and want to be able to use your Raspberry Pi along with one of the supported cameras, you may find that it’s tedious and difficult to do simple tasks like taking a picture and seeing the result. I created PiCamStudio to make the Raspberry Pi camera more accessible for every day usage. Just run the application on your Raspberry Pi device and you can access the PiCamStudio from any device on your network. This project is open sourced under the MIT license, and is open for modifications from the community. All are welcome to submit a pull request.

PiCamStudio source code is publicly available on GitHub at: https://github.com/matt404/picamstudio

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